Week 46 Study | The Church Grows in Europe

The first missionary journey (Acts 13, 14) was so successful that a church conference had to be called to handle the growth (15:1-35). Thanks to Peter’s testimony, Paul’s report, and James’ use of Amos 9:10, 11, the second missionary journey accelerated the success of the gospel (Acts 16-18). The new missionary team of Paul and […]


Week 46 Application | The Great Omission

Biblical faith is dynamic and life-changing. More than mere intellectual assent, it requires trusting God, placing our confidence in him, and following him obediently. A friend of mine, Ned Campbell, organized a four-week Bible study called “I Believe” to challenge our church to think more deeply about what we believe and why we believe it. […]


Week 46 Study Questions

Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. What is your favorite ethnic food? How did you first discover it? What are some other products of a foreign culture (literature, clothing, entertainment, etc.) that have crossed borders into our culture? 2. What does it mean when someone says, “The world is […]


Week 46 Mission | What Others Believe: Major Cults

Social and religious experimentation flourished in the United States after ratification of the Constitution’s First Amendment. New sects and cults multiplied after 1830 and continue to do so. This article explains the origin and beliefs of three major cults: Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Scientology. Mormonism The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints originated […]


Week 46 Character | And Be Thankful

Turkey. A basket overflowing with warm pan de sal. Mashed potatoes. Pumpkin pie. Ube ice cream. All served on Grandma’s familiar green “crazy daisy” patterned dishes. Sleeping through sports games. Checking the forecast for signs of snow. Tossing fragrant clementine peels into the fireplace. All while layered in our comfiest plaid pajamas. My fond memories […]