Week 28 Daily Reading

MONDAY Reading for Today: Luke 8:40-56 Colossians 3:15-25 Psalm 130–131 1 Chronicles 15–16 1 Chronicles 15–16 Jerusalem celebrated as the ark of the covenant was brought home to the city—this time in accordance with God’s Word. On the first attempt, the ark was carried on an oxcart but when the oxen stumbled and the ark […]


Does God Want You to be Rich?

Several years ago, Time Magazine published an article entitled, Does God Want You to be Rich? (September 18, 2006). On one side of the question are those who tout a prosperity theology which says that God wants us to be prosperous and happy. On the other side are folks who are saying, in effect, “I […]


Scope and Sequence

The term scope and sequence may be unfamiliar to many of our readers. It’s a term used in curriculum development to describe the depth and breadth of the content being taught and the order in which the content is presented. In our context scope and sequence refers to the Scripture passages we provide each week […]


Week 27 Study | Jesus Criticizes Unjust Leaders

If the unforgiving servant had a shrunken heart (last week’s lesson), the unjust leaders who condemned Jesus had shrunken souls (today’s lesson). While many Jews received Jesus gladly and became children of God (John 1:12), these “religious leaders” played the role of antagonists in the gospel record and in this text we see evidence of […]