Week 46 Daily Reading

MONDAY Reading for Today: John 10:1-10 1 John 2:12-17 Job 10 Ezekiel 29–30 Job 10 Job didn’t hold anything back with God, did he? He was 100 percent honest about his difficult situation. He even asked why God let him survive outside of his mother’s womb since his life was going to be this painful […]


Week 45 Application | Hold Them Loosely

Have you heard someone say, “Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite”? According to one theory, the expression comes from frontier times when mattresses were supported by ropes or strings that were pulled tight to make the bed comfortable.  There’s another way to “sleep tight,” though, and it’s not good. Do you ever go […]


Week 45 Study Questions

Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. What are a few influential political movements in American history? (For example, civil rights movement, women’s suffrage, antiwar movement, etc.) Can you name some leaders of such causes? 2. Pick one influential political movement from history. How did it begin? What was its […]