Week 26 Study Questions

Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. In international politics, the phrase “red line” refers to an action taken by a nation that requires other nations to treat it as an enemy. What examples of a political “red line” can you think of? What actions by a nation, in your […]


Week 26 Mission | The Power of Example

The drive from Topeka to Denver on I-70 is efficient but not beautiful. Thankfully, the drive through western Kansas inaccurately portrays the whole state. There are, however, some eye-catching signs along I-70 like, “See the World’s Largest Prairie Dog.” The sign itself isn’t beautiful and the treasure it proclaims . . . well, it’s not […]


Week 26 Character | Taking It Personally

Could the rumors be true? The Jerusalem church sent Barnabas to investigate what was happening in Antioch. Only a few brave disciples obeyed Jesus’ command (Acts 1:8) to go beyond Jerusalem, beyond the Jews, beyond their prejudice and comfort. These courageous men from Cyprus and Cyrene shared the good news with the Greeks and it […]