Week 24 Character | The Gentle Christian

We hear the term gentle most often used in the word gentlemen. My father-in-law’s definition of a gentleman is “a man who knows how to play the accordion, but doesn’t.” That may not be the best definition, but it makes me smile every time I repeat it. Few people, I’d wager, think much about being […]


Week 23 Character | Nothing to Fear

My sister-in-law’s bucket list got shorter over the Christmas holidays. She went skydiving in Hawaii. Of course, she didn’t jump out of the plane on her own. She was harnessed to an experienced skydiver who had jumped out of an airplane hundreds of times. And although she felt slightly afraid, especially when he told her […]


Week 22 Character | Mercy . . . Me?

Mrs. Sarah was the matriarch of the church I attended as a teenager. During prayer meeting, when confronted with a need that seemed overwhelming, she’d often exclaim, “Lawd have mercy!” “He does,” her husband would respond. “He does.” God’s mercy runs like a silver thread throughout the Scriptures. The English word appears some 341 times. […]


Week 21 Character | Taste and See

“Taste.” I extended a fork toward my husband. He shook his head. “No thanks.” I couldn’t blame him. The last time I experimented with a new recipe, the result was disastrous. Some people enjoy trying new foods. Each taste is an experience to savor, even if the dish isn’t completely successful. Others are more reluctant […]