Week 28 Mission | Persevering Prayer

In a small community in Germany in 1727, a band of Moravian Christians began a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week prayer vigil that lasted for 100 years. During those years, Moravian men, women, and children prayed without interruption. They claimed as their motto the words from Isaiah 62:6, 7 which references God’s placing of watchmen on the wall. […]


Week 27 Mission | Transparent Discipleship

Avoidance of truth is the number one obstacle to discipling friendships. Scripture is clear, we need authentic, burden-bearing, truth-telling, iron-sharpening-iron friends. We all say we want them. We say we want accountability, someone we can be real with and who will keep it real with us. But when it comes down to it, the truth […]


Week 26 Mission | The Power of Example

The drive from Topeka to Denver on I-70 is efficient but not beautiful. Thankfully, the drive through western Kansas inaccurately portrays the whole state. There are, however, some eye-catching signs along I-70 like, “See the World’s Largest Prairie Dog.” The sign itself isn’t beautiful and the treasure it proclaims . . . well, it’s not […]