Week 23 Application | Loving Your Imperfect Church

What’s wrong with your church? You can probably list a number of irritating flaws. Your preacher’s off-putting habits. Uninspiring music. Inadequate communication. Perhaps you dislike how the church allocates its money, or you wish the leaders put more emphasis on (choose one): youth, senior adults, married couples, singles, doctrinal instruction, local needs, or global missions. […]

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Week 21 Application | Has-Beens

Do you ever feel like a cultural dinosaur? Do you sometimes feel obsolete, out-of-date, and passé? Do you no longer feel fashionable, useful, or valuable—like you have passed the peak of your effectiveness or popularity?  As time passes, most of us wrestle with feeling like a has-been. The sharp-looking guy who was a heartthrob in […]


Week 20 Application | Once in a Lifetime

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!” Have you ever said those words?  I got a ticket for game two of the World Series in 1990 when the Cincinnati  Reds defeated the Oakland A’s on their way to a four-game sweep. As a lifelong Reds fan I found their 2-1 victory so satisfying that I don’t mind if […]