Week 47 Study Questions

Use either or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Imagine coming to a door marked, “Authorized Personnel Only Beyond This Point.” What might happen to someone who ignored the sign?  2.What is a backstage pass? Why would you need one? How would you get one? Read Hebrews 12:18-21 and Exodus 19:12, 13, […]

42 eich

What’s My Line?

By Jim Eichenberger A classic TV gameshow in the 1950s and 1960s began as a guest came on stage and was introduced to a celebrity panel. The panel then asked questions of the guest to help them determine the guest’s line of work. The show was called, What’s My Line? As Christians in the work […]

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Unleashing the Bible’s Power in Our Lives

By Jim Eichenberger A story tells of a dissatisfied customer returning a chainsaw to a hardware store. “I was promised that this saw could cut down trees in a fraction of the time that it takes me now. If anything, it takes me longer!” The clerk assumed that the saw was faulty. Carefully he checked […]


Prepare to Teach, Prepare to Learn

By Jim Eichenberger “While we teach, we learn,” noted the 1st century Roman philosopher Seneca. In the 21st century, researchers discuss the protégé effect—increased understanding by students who were tutoring others. Centuries have revealed this simple truth—those who prepare to teach are preparing to learn.  For this reason, the Standard Lesson Study Bible (SLSB) has […]