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Week 19 Application | God Comes First

Nothing tests a person’s priorities more than an empty stomach. A severe drought plagued Israel, but in the midst of the famine God provided for Elijah. Ravens brought the faithful prophet bread and meat twice a day and he drank water from a nearby brook. Eventually, though, the brook dried up—and it looked like hope […]


Week 17 Application | When Heaven Breaks Loose

A friend of mine who owns a thriving business faced an unexpected crisis when a key employee resigned suddenly without warning, leaving his fellow employees holding the bag. Thankfully the staff team stepped up, everyone worked together to fill the gap, and things turned out well after all. Relieved and grateful, my friend explained, “I […]

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Week 16 Application | Lay Down Your Crown

The New Testament uses two different Greek words translated “crown.” The jeweled royal head-covering of a king or queen was called a diadema. That’s why a classic hymn says of Jesus, “Bring forth the royal diadem and crown him Lord of all.” David wore an impressive kingly crown covered with precious stones that weighed about […]

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Week 15 Application | No Exaggeration

Most of us exaggerate now and then, using expressions that would be outrageous if taken literally. “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!” “I have told you a million times not to do that.” Hyperbole isn’t meant to falsify or misrepresent the facts, but to intensify them. We exaggerate our points in order to […]