Week 33 Study | Christ Is Preeminent

Our oldest son had a T-shirt that read, “There are two things you can be sure of: 1) There is a God. 2) You are not him.” The Colossians needed an 18-wheeler full of those T-shirts. After Epaphras had planted the church in Colossae (1:7) the church experienced a heresy that threatened to undo the […]


Week 32 Study | Giving Justly

Three activities occupied center stage for the earliest church in the book of Acts. Those three activities were preaching the gospel, baptizing the converts, and planting the church. But running under the radar of those three was the collection for the saints. Jesus had taught his disciples to care for the poor (John 12:5-8). The […]


Week 31 Study | God’s Justice

We rarely do justice well. God always does justice well. Romans is about the justice of God—real righteousness. As Paul built a bridge between Jews and Gentiles in the church at Rome he explained what God’s justice looks like. Following the opening greeting and his typical thanksgiving, Paul stated the thesis (Romans 1:16, 17). The […]