Week 19 Study | Bringing Firstfruits

Our laughter and our tears display our hearts, but our calendars and checkbooks display our priorities. God wanted his people to get first things first. This principle related to every category of their lives. A reoccurring phrase in the book of Leviticus is, “I am the Lord.” God’s peoples’ conduct was inextricably linked to God’s […]

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Week 16 Study | The Lord God Almighty

Randy Harris teaches at Abilene Christian University. In his freshman Bible class he gives students the following outline to the Book of Revelation: (1) God’s team wins. (2) You get to pick a team. (3) Don’t be stupid. It’s a good outline.  The last two lessons for this month come from Revelation 4-5. They are […]

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Week 15 Study | Follow Me

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, “To follow Christ is to obey Christ.” The apostles had the privilege of literally “coming after” Jesus. For them, following Jesus meant geography, physicality, and proximity. But after Jesus’ resurrection their following of him became more like ours. Obedience outstripped physical presence. The lesson text today picks up where we left off […]