Perspectives on Heaven

This edition of The Lookout, the second of two issues highlighting the supremacy of Christ in all of Scripture, contains practical, biblical teaching on the Christian doctrines of justification, redemption, and sanctification. The final study text in the issue focuses on Heaven, the Christian’s hope. Knowing what the Bible teaches about Heaven does two significant […]


The New Scope & Sequence

This edition of The Lookout introduces our new scope and sequence for Bible study. From this issue forward, the material you study and discuss each week in these pages will have been designed by The Lookout’s own scope and sequence team. As mentioned in previous editorials, we created our own scope and sequence to reflect […]


Your Printed Bible + The Lookout

One of the changes we made when we redesigned The Lookout was to reduce the overall size of the publication. I explained our reasons for the change in an editorial I wrote last fall.  We designed this new edition of The Lookout to fit neatly alongside your Bible so you can easily carry them together […]


Scope and Sequence

The term scope and sequence may be unfamiliar to many of our readers. It’s a term used in curriculum development to describe the depth and breadth of the content being taught and the order in which the content is presented. In our context scope and sequence refers to the Scripture passages we provide each week […]


From the Publisher | Justice

It sounds like a good word . . .well, at least it does if you are on the right side of it! That’s how many of us perceive justice when we read the latest scandal in the media. We don’t think of ourselves on the other side of it, waiting for the consequences of justice […]