Our History

Our publication began in 1888. At that time a young people’s prayer movement known as Christian Endeavor was sweeping across the country. Standard Publishing responded to the movement by introducing Young People’s Standard, a journal designed to promote the work of young adults in the local church.

On March 10, 1894, the name of the journal was changed to The Lookout. The new name reflected a new purpose, as it became a magazine of “Christian education for older young people and adults.” The name The Lookout was taken from the most important committee in Christian Endeavor work, the “Lookout Committee”—a group responsible for attendance, promotion, and growth.

Since that time The Lookout has faithfully served the local church by promoting Christian education and Christian living. Influential Christian leaders such as James DeForest Murch and Guy P. Leavitt served as editors of the publication. Beloved Bible teachers such as P.H. Welshimer of Canton, Ohio, and Orrin Root of Cincinnati (who for more than 50 years wrote the Sunday school lesson commentary in The Lookout) provided solid biblical content every week.

From the day it first rolled off the presses (with the exception of one issue—February 7, 1937—when a flood prevented the magazine from being shipped from its Cincinnati office near the Ohio River), The Lookout has appeared weekly in homes and churches across the country and throughout the world without interruption.

In December 2015, the publishing company changed its corporate name to Christian Standard Media, LLC, which continues to publish The Lookout and Christian Standard as its flagship publications and continues to be a trustworthy Christian ministry partner in a rapidly changing world.

For over 120 years (over 125 years if we include the Young People’s Standard era), The Lookout has provided Christian adults with biblical teaching and current information to help them fulfill their desire to mature as believers, develop godly relationships, and live in the world as faithful witnesses of Christ.

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