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Week 16 Application | Lay Down Your Crown

The New Testament uses two different Greek words translated “crown.” The jeweled royal head-covering of a king or queen was called a diadema. That’s why a classic hymn says of Jesus, “Bring forth the royal diadem and crown him Lord of all.” David wore an impressive kingly crown covered with precious stones that weighed about […]


Week 16 Study Questions

Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. What are some things that you consider to be the best? (Examples may include best restaurant, best movie ever, best friend, etc.) What separates these “bests” from all others in that category? 2. Have you noticed that at almost any sporting event you […]

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Week 16 Mission | The Heart of Worship

How do you describe the heart of a person who truly worships our Father in Heaven? Here are several ways. A Heart that Celebrates (God’s Handiwork) It was a beautiful summer evening when I decided to take our three-year-old twin girls and their two-year-old sister for a short walk around our neighborhood. Of course, a […]


Week 16 Daily Reading

MONDAY Reading for Today: Mark 5:21-43 1 Corinthians 9:13-27 Psalm 83 Judges 4–5 1 Corinthians 9:13-27 Do you know someone who is training for a marathon or other athletic event? These people understand hard work. They see their goal and work for it as if their life depended on it. Some of them run through […]