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Week 12 Character | Trying Patience

We want our food fast—and our downloads faster. We want new smart phones and new computers because new means faster. We want to watch our favorite movies and TV shows “on demand.” We want Amazon and FedEx and UPS to deliver our stuff by the next day—or better yet, today. And the boss needs that […]


Week 12 Daily Reading

MONDAY Reading for Today: Matthew 26:1-16 Romans 9:19-33 Psalm 62 Deuteronomy 1–3 Psalm 62 We sometimes look for rest in the wrong places. We might think we need to go on a vacation to get rest. We might think we need more sleep at night. Though vacations are wonderful, the best way to get rest […]

Week 11 Study | The People Gave Thanks to God

Giving thanks makes for a busy life. The busiest travel days in the United States occur around the Thanksgiving holiday. Airports are crammed and highways look like parking lots. Even so, Bob Russell says that Thanksgiving is the one holiday that has not suffered extreme commercialization (Bob Russell Ministries Blog, Thanksgiving—My Favorite Holiday, November 19, […]

Week 11 Application | Who Will Applaud First?

Clapping hands is a nearly universal way to express approval, honor, and celebration. Kids sing, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.” Fans clap at ball games, audiences applaud musical performances, voters put their hands together in support of political candidates, and party-goers clap after singing “Happy Birthday” to a friend. The […]


Week 11 Study Questions

Use one or both of these questions to introduce the lesson: 1. Imagine that you have been put in charge of organizing a dedication ceremony for a new hospital in your community. What would you include in the dedication ceremony? (Examples might include participants, guest list, theme, testimonies, and so on.) 2. Think of an […]