In the World — November 11, 2012

By Christy Barritt   High School Football Coach Scrutinized for Team Meals A high school football coach in Walker County, Georgia came under attack by an atheist organization after several local churches provided pregame meals for the team. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the county’s school superintendent and requested that the […]

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In the World — August 12, 2012

By Christy Barritt   Americans Overworked A new study by the nonprofit Families and Work Institute showed that one in three American employees is chronically overworked. When the study was taken, 54 percent of American employees had felt overwhelmed at some point in the previous month by the amount of work they had to complete. […]

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In the World–April 8, 2012

By Christy Barritt   Most Americans Oppose Abortion A poll released by CNN shows that 62 percent of Americans believe abortion should be illegal under most or all circumstances. According to the results, 41 percent of respondents said abortion should be legal in a few circumstances; 21 percent said it should be illegal in all circumstances, […]

In the World — January 29, 2012

By Christy Barritt   Abortion Clinic Worker Pleads Guilty to Murder A former employee of a West Philadelphia abortion clinic pleaded guilty and was charged in connection with the 2009 deaths of a newborn baby and a woman undergoing a second trimester abortion. Ten employees at the clinic have been charged so far, five of them […]