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A Listening Love

By Alan W. Dowd When you think of being like Christ, what comes to mind? being gentle and humble? being a servant? sacrificing for others? How about being a good listener? There are numerous examples from the Bible that depict our listening Lord. Amidst today’s tidal wave of noise—all designed to divert our attention from […]

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A Little Boy’s Big Question

By Alan W. Dowd   My most memorable and Christ-exalting Christmas came at a most-unexpected time. Our family had a “Happy Birthday Jesus” party that Christmas, complete with a birthday cake. After he helped blow out the candles, my nephew Mike asked, “Where is Jesus?” It was an honest, matter-of-fact question. Yet he asked it […]

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Heaven’s Heroes

By Alan W. Dowd   My wife and I were reorganizing our bookshelves—another wild weekend at the Dowd house—when I came across a little book titled Love Everlasting. Someone had given it to us on our wedding day and it had been sitting on the shelf for the better part of a decade. As I […]

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Avoiding the Danger Zone

By Alan W. Dowd   Sometimes I wish the only version of the Beatitudes was Matthew’s. After all, in Matthew’s account, Jesus offers a pep talk to the poor in spirit and those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.  The good news is that I can strive to be those things. However, that’s only part […]