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In The World—April 10, 2016

By Melissa Wuske What to Do About Ministers and Porn Pornography is an issue among ministers and church leaders, and the church at large is divided about how to respond. (This according to a Barna Research study commissioned by Josh McDowell Ministries.) Of those surveyed, 21 percent of youth ministers and 14 percent of ministers […]

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Caring for a Spouse with Alzheimer’s

By Paul V. Harrison “He was my dictionary,” Peggy said. “Whenever I needed to know how to spell a word, I would just ask Charles. But eventually, he couldn’t spell his own name.”  These words capture something of the tragedy couples experience when Alzheimer’s intrudes into a family. Brilliant Mind Charles had been brilliant. Graduating […]

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In the World — October 26, 2014

South American Family DNA Assists Alzheimer’s Research A South American family has volunteered to be a part of research that could potentially lead to prevention of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s. Every 67 seconds someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Most patients are 65 or older, but 5 percent of  patients worldwide develop symptoms in their […]

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A Family Affliction

By Effie-Alean Gross     “How many children do you have?” the doctor asked my 87-year-old mother. She smiled, eyes glancing from him to me. “Why, I have three or four.” Since I’m the last of five children, I was taken aback. Her physician continued, “Who is the President of the United States?”  “I don’t […]

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First Day of School

By Ava Pennington   “I don’t want to go.” Nan pursed her lips in a pout. “You’ll have a good time.”  “Do I have to?” She looked at me with pleading eyes. I sighed. “Just try it.” It was a classic “first day of school” conversation—an annual ritual for parents and children all over the […]