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Jesus Christ, the Light of Life

By Amy Storms    Literature was my favorite subject in school. Reading hardly felt like homework. I loved reading novels and discussing the literary concepts behind the stories. Most often, though, my teacher pointed out insights that had never crossed my mind. “Notice the symbolism here?” she’d ask. I hadn’t. “This foreshadowing is quite obvious,” […]

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Lessons from a Mazda

By Amy Storms   If you happened to have been in southwest Missouri on a certain fall evening in 1994, I may owe you an apology. To anyone in Joplin, waiting to turn left at the corner of 7th and Duquesne, I’m sorry. There, first in line at the stoplight, I was learning to drive […]

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By Amy Storms   Parking lots are not my friends. Walmart, Target, the mall—it seems no matter where I go, I manage to misplace my minivan. One day, I very nearly called the police to report my vehicle stolen. As it turned out, I had parked in an entirely different lot. I must have looked […]