Teaching Respect

By Bev & Phil Haas How can I teach my children to show respect in a culture that cares less and less about the feelings and rights of others? At times it seems like respect is becoming a thing of the past, both for children and adults. Christianity has always been counter-cultural. Followers of Jesus […]

A photo by Charlie Foster. unsplash.com/photos/A88emaZe7d8

Dealing with Our Differences

By Bev & Phil Haas My husband and I are so different. At times it seems we have very little in common. What can we do to keep our differences from driving us apart? It’s good you’ve taken the first step by admitting that you and your spouse are different. According to the Bible, that […]


Mentoring Youth

By Bev & Phil Haas Help! Our kids are becoming teenagers! We’re looking for ideas to keep our kids heading in the right direction during these challenging years. The best idea we’ve heard recently comes from the insights of Dr. Chap Clark, Professor and Chair of the Youth, Family, and Culture department in the School […]