A New You in the New Year

By Dr. Bill Patterson A wise man once defined craziness as “doing what we’ve always done and expecting a different result.” If we set goals and stretch for them, we can have different results and achieve more as servants of our Lord. Stretch! With proper goals, a little effort, and good accountability, each of us […]

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The Year of Jubilee

By Dr. Bill Patterson Adam and Tina (not their real names) live in Indiana but spent several years in Missouri. While there they experienced something amazing. They heard the concept of the Year of Jubilee in their small church and it gave them an idea. They decided to apply the spiritual principle in a practical […]

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One Need, Four Friends, and a Miracle

By Dr. Bill Patterson When the Bible gives an account, the Lord considered that biblical event important enough for us to know. When three books of the Bible each mention a biblical happening, it means God really wants us to learn from it. The Holy Spirit instructed three Gospel writers to include the story of […]

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Accountability: Tips for Success

By Dr. Bill Patterson “I need an accountability partner. I’ve been praying about it, and I believe the Lord led me to ask you.” The phone call came not long after I processed thoughts about my life: What should be my future focus? I felt God wanted me to pass the baton—mentor, train, share insights […]

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Following a Long-Serving Leader

By Dr. Bill Patterson Consider the following scenario: You are asked to teach a Bible class for your church. The request fulfills your heart’s desire. It seems God trained you for the task by deepening your understanding of his Word over the years and by increasing your love for people you’ve been asked to teach. […]