The Lesson and Life — for August 25, 2013

By Bob Hightchew   A church hired a young minister. The church was small, running less than 100 people. The young minister loved the people and loved his work. He preached sound doctrine and taught sound biblical lessons.  The Lord grew the church to more than 2,000 members. The years passed quickly and it came […]


The Lesson and Life — for August 18, 2013

By Bob Hightchew   Homecoming celebrations are special events. They allow you to see people you have not seen in years, usually because career paths have taken you in different directions. You get the opportunity to catch up and reminisce about old times.  Similarly, a dedication ceremony offers a time to celebrate. Often the larger […]


The Lesson and Life — for August 4, 2013

By Bob Hightchew   When I was young, I remember two days that were always special in our community. On July 4th our city celebrated Independence Day with parades and fireworks. On June 6th we celebrated D-Day, marking the invasion of Normandy that eventually led to the end of the war in Europe.  At that […]