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4 Ways to Honor Christ at Easter

By Bob Hostetler It’s a busy time filled with Easter baskets, Easter bunnies, egg coloring, egg rolling, egg hunts, new clothes, church activities, cooking, eating, and more. By the time our celebration of Jesus’ resurrection is over, however, we may feel more dead than alive. Worse, the beauty of the resurrection can end up feeling […]

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The Top 7 Prayer Secrets of Jesus

By Bob Hostetler If anyone exemplifies the blessed life, it is Jesus. Though he never owned a home or car, and never held season tickets for his favorite baseball team (the Cincinnati Reds, in case you were wondering), he lived a singular life. An abundant life. A rich life. A healing life. A life filled […]

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Tampering with the Temple

By Bob Hostetler   It began with cable television shows like The Learning Channel’s What Not to Wear and 10 Years Younger. But the trend quickly spread—and worsened—into shows depicting surgical makeovers. ABC launched Extreme Makeover, a series in which two ordinary people, shown first in an unflattering, ridicule-inviting “before” phase, underwent various operations and […]