What Does a Preacher Do?

By Bob Russell   Ever question what a preacher does all day long? Ever wonder why so many preachers complain about being busy and stressed? After all, a preacher only works one day a week, doesn’t he?   Trying to Do It All I received recently an email from a preacher who is overwhelmed because […]

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A Prayer for Teachers

By Bob Russell   The summer is ending and school is resuming in most places. This is the time of year when I’m thankful I’m not a schoolteacher. It seems to me a teacher’s task is tougher than ever before—especially for those who serve in public schools. Fifty years ago teachers didn’t have to deal […]

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Coincidence or God-Incident?

By Bob Russell   Have you ever noticed how often in the Bible that “it just so happened” events were actually divinely orchestrated? Abraham’s servant was searching for a wife for Isaac. He sat down by a well to pray and it just so happened that a beautiful young woman named Rebekah arrived with a […]


Don’t Lose Heart

By Bob Russell   In the past few years I’ve preached to over 200 churches. Nearly everywhere I go Christian people ask: “Is there any hope for the future of our country?” “Do you think we’ll survive our moral free fall?” “Do you see any young leaders on the horizon who can spark a spiritual […]