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How We Can Be Salt & Light Online

By Brad Wise Five years ago I shut down my Facebook account. I was going through The Artist’s Way, a 12-week spiritual journey for creatives, with a group of friends and one of the weeks invites you to fast from something that’s causing noise in your life. At that point in my life Facebook was […]

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Beautifully Calm in Chaos

By Brad Wise We were three days into our 25-day film shoot for a movie I wrote and directed called A Strange Brand of Happy. Things already felt like they were spinning out of control. Making movies is terrifically hard work. Not as hard as coal mining, I’m sure. But the days on set are […]

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Childhood Scars—Adulthood Fears

By Brad Wise One day back when I was in third grade, I walked out to the grassy knoll near the kickball diamond with my best (and truthfully only) friend, Matt. I was about to show him the new wrestling move, a secret torture device my dad had taught me the night before. I had […]

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Images of Truth

By Brad Wise “People come to the theater for truth. And we have that in spades.”  My poet friend (and avid theater buff) said this recently while we were planning an upcoming live show. Months before that conversation we were sitting around the Rebel Pilgrim offices where I work. (We’re a production company that produces […]