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Singles in the Church

By CaReese Rials Most churches strive to be a place where anyone can come and feel welcome. Churches have greeters and entire ministries designed to make people feel welcomed and wanted. But as a person who has been attending church her entire life, I often don’t feel welcome in church. In fact, there are times […]

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Worry: It’s Not Insurmountable

By CaReese Rials We live in troubling times. We hear of political unrest overseas. There are economic woes around the world as various countries struggle with debt. Within our own borders there are problems with racial tension and police relations. Rising expenses and a shrinking pool of jobs left 14.8 percent of Americans, 46.7 million […]

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The Power of a Good Book

By CaReese Rials In addition to working as a freelancer, I have the unique experience of working with kindergarteners. One of the most exciting parts of my job is witnessing the special moments where squiggly lines on paper become words with meaning. Once a child is able to discern the meaning of the letters on […]