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A Pharisee Like Me

By Charles C. Grimm Back in 2005 when I was preparing to graduate with an English degree, I wanted to continue into graduate school, but I also wanted to do something new. I had been speaking with several nonprofit organizations, and I had even gotten fairly far into the application processes with more than one […]

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Applying Grace Where You Are

By Charles C. Grimm It can be difficult for English teachers to enjoy worship. Years and years of writing and grading English papers transform proofreading from a skill to a reflex. Any given Sunday, I will be wondering why nobody else seems bothered that the slide says it’s instead of its, and why there is […]

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Being the Head v. Being Ahead

By Charles C. Grimm “But she’ll make more money than you!” I couldn’t believe I was hearing these words from my parents. I had married my wife right at the very depths of the recession in 2009, after investing four years of my life teaching for a nonprofit organization in a developing country. My wife […]