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Seeing, Not Believing

By Christine Venzon Ronnie Corbett, a beloved British comedian, died in March 2016. In one typical skit, Corbett played a game show contestant named Charlie Smithers. The subject he’d chosen was called “Answer the Question Before Last.” It requires him to answer the question previously asked. The skit starts like this: Host: And so to […]

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Gourmet Service in a Fast-Food World

By Christine Venzon Have you ever watched those extreme cooking shows on TV? Chefs compete in a slicing, dicing, sauce-boiling frenzy to see who can whip up an entire meal using a single “mystery” ingredient in every dish. As a passionate chef myself, I watch these spectacles as I would a demolition derby. I appreciate […]

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Return on Investment

By Christine Venzon When it comes to financial planning, I would love to see my assets in the toilet. The composting toilet, to be specific. Maybe I should explain. Like most people, I try to squirrel away something for my future. Even now my savings are quietly earning interest in a brokerage account and similar […]

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Father’s Day Forgiveness

By Christine Venzon One Easter Sunday when I was about 5 years old, my dad took my older brothers and me to the park. We were getting antsy after dinner at my aunt’s, bored by older relatives chatting interminably. There was a pond in the park, and my brothers were walking along the edge, throwing […]

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Hide and Seek

By Christine Venzon If cats have nine lives, I figure Eunice Louise has maybe five more left.  We first met on U.S. Highway 190 in Louisiana. I was heading for the town of Eunice with my mom and a friend, who were visiting me from Illinois. She was crawling out of the median in a […]