Week 46 Character | And Be Thankful

Turkey. A basket overflowing with warm pan de sal. Mashed potatoes. Pumpkin pie. Ube ice cream. All served on Grandma’s familiar green “crazy daisy” patterned dishes. Sleeping through sports games. Checking the forecast for signs of snow. Tossing fragrant clementine peels into the fireplace. All while layered in our comfiest plaid pajamas. My fond memories […]


Week 44 Character | Drawing Near

Fanny Crosby had been composing hymns since the age of six. One evening in 1874, in her mid-fifties, she was visiting in the Cincinnati home of fellow hymn writer William Doane. The two talked at length about drawing near to God, and Fanny retired for the night with words and phrases playing through her mind. […]


Week 43 Character | Truth and Transformation

Truth “Is, has been, shall be. . . without Truth, philosophy moves to the existential, art moves to the sensual, religion moves to the mystical, education moves to the skeptical, and individuals move to the transcendental.” These words of renowned apologist Ravi Zacharias accentuate the impact of a faulty interpretation of truth.  Our culture is […]