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In The World—June 28, 2015

By Christy Barritt Sixty is the New Middle Age A new study says that 60—not 50—is the new middle age. Researchers from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and Stony Brook University have been researching age using projections of Europe’s population until the year 2050. Though conventional definitions considered people over age 65 old, […]

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In The World—June 21, 2015

By Christy Barritt The State of the Bible in 2015 The American Bible Society released its annual State of the Bible survey. According to the results, 72 percent of Americans mistakenly believe that the Bible has already been translated into all of the earth’s languages. In reality, the Bible has yet to be translated into […]

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In The World—June 14, 2015

By Christy Barritt Terrorists Target Christians in Kenya At a Kenyan university in April, 147 people were killed, 79 were injured, and 587 were evacuated. Al-Shabaab, a militant group linked with Al-Qaeda and based out of Somalia, claimed responsibility for the assault. The Islamist gunmen invaded the university during early morning prayer services. According to […]

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In The World—June 7, 2015

By Christy Barritt Traffic Stop Ends in Prayer What began as a routine traffic stop in Gadsden, Alabama, turned into something much deeper. When Officer Samuel Lowe stopped a motorist for speeding, he asked his usual question to the driver: “Is there any reason you’re in a hurry?” Driver Ronald Cowser explained to Lowe that […]

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In The World—May 31, 2015

By Christy Barritt The Great American Road Trip Is visiting every state on your bucket list? It’s on Randy Olson’s. Olson, who has a self-proclaimed “data tinkering” hobby, set out to find the quickest driving route that would hit popular national landmarks—both natural and historical—in all of the lower 48 states and Washington, D.C. The […]