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God’s Sense of Humor

By Danny R. Von Kanel We all know of those corny jokes where people use Scripture to spark a laugh, like: Did you know Santa Claus is in the Bible? It says, “Ho, Ho flee from the land of the north” (Zechariah 2:6, American Standard Version). Or did you know baseball is in the Bible? […]

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Keys to an Extraordinary Christmas

By Danny R. Von Kanel   Christmas—it’s the magical holiday that radiates joy and goodwill every December. But yet, because of commercialization and our hectic lifestyles, the holiday has become a burden instead of a blessing to many.  Give your Christmas renewed meaning using the following ideas to bring the spark back to your celebration […]

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Unfinished Spaces

By Danny R. Von Kanel   Many Christians function with unfinished spaces in their walk with the Lord. My efforts to fill unfinished spaces in my life have required an understanding of what to put in and what to take out. The following principles have been helpful to me and I pray they will be […]

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Coping With Crisis

By Danny R. Von Kanel   John’s world collapsed. He lost his job with the downturn in the economy. With no money coming in, John defaulted on his mortgage. To make matters worse, his wife left him. John considered taking his life.  While such an extreme time of crisis is foreign to most of us, […]