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On the other hand . . .

By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   Last month I wrote about fairy tales and myth as sources of truth. This month let’s consider the ways fairy tales don’t show us a true picture of reality.   The Possibilities Let’s get one false view out of the way up front—that fairy tales are happy stories and […]

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A princess diary

By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   Last June, Americans watched with fascination as the United Kingdom celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee—the 60th anniversary of her coronation. I didn’t watch the festivities, but I had a reason to be interested. As a boy of 13 in 1977, I visited England for the first time during the […]

The lion, the witch, and the physicist

By Dr. Charlie W. Starr   I am a C. S. Lewis fanatic. I’ve read all his works, been to his home in England, and even written a book about one of his stories. For an expert, it can be humbling when an amateur points out something you’ve missed. The book was The Lion, the […]