Responding to Injustice

By Drew Coons “We had so little to begin with,” an American missionary in Africa sobbed. “They’ve taken most of that away.” The government of the country we served required foreigners to exchange all of our money for local currency at a state-run bank. That bank gave only a fraction of the value of our […]


Christmas Hope

By Drew Coons Christmas means many things to different people. Family, gifts, vacation, traditions, carols, and food are all part of the holidays. Christians celebrate the birth of Christ. Memories of Christmases past can bring joy and sometimes sadness. For me, Christmas is mainly about hope. A Need for Hope I spent most of my […]

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Controlling Fear with Scripture

By Drew Coons Rock climbing, racing, gambling, stealing—some people actually get high on danger-induced adrenalin. Not me! I even avoid roller coasters and scary movies. Yet life has made me intimately familiar with fear. God created us capable of feeling fear to avoid hazards and flee danger. And the Bible tells us to “fear God.” […]

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Tell Me a Story

By Drew Coons My wife, Kit, and I attended a seminar led by three people. Two were impressive speakers. One woman wasn’t. She did nearly everything speakers are taught to avoid. She rambled, lost her place in her own notes, looked at the ceiling, and even talked to herself while speaking. But this lady touched […]

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Childless on Father’s Day

By Drew Coons Father’s Day could be a non-event for me. Both my father-in-law and my father are deceased. There’s nobody to honor. Also my wife, Kit, and I were never able to have children, so nobody sends me a card or phones on Father’s Day. And yet Father’s Day is meaningful. “I hope some […]