Two Lists for a Happier New Year

By Elaine Creasman There’s a new year here, and so many times we Christians who are going through hard times can have a “who cares” attitude. We mourn over the bad things that happened last year and have a certain dread about what lies ahead for us. God has given me a remedy that keeps […]

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Unclub: Nurturing Middle School Kids

By Elaine Creasman “I don’t want to go,” my 11-year-old granddaughter, Destiny, moaned on another Sunday morning as she turned over in bed. She said the same five words on Wednesday evening and then again on Friday evening—which was usually a fun time for middle schoolers. It seemed she had lost all interest in church.  […]

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Making Peace with Pain

By Elaine Creasman   I’ve discovered a truth: when I run from pain, I tend to run from God, the one who can help me endure it. The most blessed course I’ve found is to embrace what God allows rather than run from it.  John Piper writes in his book, Don’t Waste Your Life (Crossway, […]