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Bridging the Generation Gap

By Eva Juliuson There is a troubling trend in the church. In more and more cases, congregations are separating into age groups. Some churches have rocking praise bands to reach the younger generations. Then there are churches that only sing out of hymnals, often catering to the older folks. The division even shows up at […]

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The Master Teacher

By Eva Juliuson One of my favorite parts of being a teacher is seeing my students live out something I’ve taught them. Then I know it has become part of who they are. A few of my most thrilling teacher moments have been when I watch across the playground as one of my students helps […]

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Made Holy by Grace

By Eva Juliuson For more than two years I spent half a day, once a month in a juvenile/family courtroom listening to case after case. I attended the hearings with a friend whose children were taken away. Their case was always at the end of the docket, which meant we sat quietly through all the […]

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Our Real Job

By Eva Juliuson Looking for a job can be confusing, scary, depressing, and often a long, drawn-out process! Sending out resumes, filling out applications, making phone calls, and trying to sell ourselves makes for a full-time, exhausting job. It can be a stressful time as we wait upon that perfect job we hope is out […]

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The Beautiful Bride?

By Eva Juliuson   The first time I truly believed that my husband loved me was when we were engaged and I hurt him deeply. The painful look I saw in his eyes could not be taken back, yet it was overshadowed by the fact that he loved me anyway.  Now I can’t even recall […]