Cherubim and Chariot vision of the Prophet Ezekiel. This window was created more than 150 years ago, no property release is required.

Ezekiel—The Uniform Lesson for July 23, 2017

By Dr. Mark Scott The librarian says, “You are what you read.” The designer says, “You are what you wear.” The athlete says, “You are what you train.” Hollywood says, “You are what you watch.” But the dietician says, “You are what you eat.” Ezekiel’s call to prophetic service embraced eating something. The call of […]


Weary, Wounded Messengers—Ezekiel 1–5

By David Faust Churches need leaders for the same reason cars need shock absorbers: often the road isn’t smooth, and congregational bumps and potholes take many forms. A leader’s phone may ring with jarring news of a fatal traffic accident, a sudden illness, a marriage in crisis, a suicide, or a community-wide emergency. Churches need […]