Laugh or Cry?— Ezra 3:10-13

By David Faust When I was a Bible college professor, one day a ministry student told the class about a problem in the small urban church where he served as the preacher. “Our congregation constantly talks about the ‘good old days’ when the church was large,” he explained. “A picture taken years ago hangs on […]


Where You Live — for July 7, 2013

By Dan Lentz   1. What short-term goal do you expect to complete in the next month? What long-term goal are you still looking forward to completing in the future?   Read Ezra 3:8-13.   2. When it comes to the ministries you serve in, which of the following factors help you stay engaged and […]


Where You Live — for June 30, 2013   By Dan Lentz   1. If your group doesn’t normally eat together, plan a meal for your group around this meeting. Plan a pitch-in meal or order pizza. During the meal ask group members to share their most memorable experience from the past week.   Read […]