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Out of the Shadow-Lands

By Gary D. Robinson   One night, in a large house in Northern Ireland, a young boy lay awake. He was crying with headache and toothache, anxious for his mother to come and comfort him. She never came. His formerly happy home had become strange, sinister; a place “of voices and comings and goings all over […]

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In Search of the Pure Church

By Gary D. Robinson   While reading Eugene Peterson’s insightful commentary on David, I was struck by the part where he discusses the king’s return to Jerusalem after his son Absalom’s failed coup. Along the way, worn and weary David deals with a succession of people. Some he can trust. Others’ motives are ambiguous at […]

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A Heart That Sits Down

By Gary D. Robinson   Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, who helped build the first atomic bomb, was holding a press conference when someone asked him whether there was any defense against this awesome weapon. “Certainly,” Oppenheimer replied. Everyone leaned forward in anticipation. “Peace,” he said.  I’m sure Oppenheimer spoke with a trace of irony. A smart […]

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Truth or Consequences

By Gary D. Robinson   In a comic book story titled, “Superman’s Day of Truth,” the Man of Steel spends the day telling the truth—no matter how rude and blunt. For example, he holds a child who’s cheerfully bonking him on the head with a toy. A matron gushes, “What do you think of our […]

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I Call Her “Chauncey”

By Gary D. Robinson   We were on a date. I don’t remember where we went or what we were doing, though I believe we were sitting on a bench. Observing something peculiar, I looked at the former Miss Barbara Ellen Sigle and said, “Now there’s something you don’t see every day, Chauncey.”  Barb looked […]