Family devotions

By Bev and Phil Haas We’ve not had a family devotion time, but with Christmas approaching, we’re thinking it might be a good time to start. I want our young children to put the emphasis on Jesus’ birth.  How do we begin?   Many families take an unnecessarily complicated approach to family devotions and stall […]

Say yes to the family meal

By Bev and Phil Haas   Our family doesn’t eat together often. As our kids have grown older, eating together has become harder. Someone told us we shouldn’t give up because having dinner together is important. What do you think?   Family dinners have become a routine of the past in many households. With their […]

Praying together as a couple

  My husband and I talked with our minister who encouraged us to begin praying together. We were too embarrassed to ask how to do this, so we’re asking you for guidance.   Like all communication, prayer is a vital link that gives meaning to a person’s life and relationships. Couple prayer has been the […]