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In The World—October 11, 2015

By Melissa Wuske Income Levels Worldwide According to a Pew Research study, global poverty has dropped dramatically in recent years—in 2001, 29 percent of the population was classified as poor, falling to 15 percent by 2011. While that’s certainly good news, it seems that upward mobility has stiff limits: the next wealthiest bracket, low income, […]

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In Your Backyard: Human Trafficking in the U.S.

By Kathleen Bruins She stared at me without saying a word. “What’s wrong, Cassandra?” “You said his name. I never use his name, especially when I talk about what he did to me.” While interviewing Cassandra, she experienced a panic attack, which is common for survivors of sex trafficking. Most survivors have post-traumatic stress disorder […]


Human Trafficking

In this issue of The Lookout, we delve into the tough subject of human trafficking. But there is hope: more and more organizations are finding ways to share Jesus and skills with trafficking victims to give them a brighter future. Read about them in this issue. 

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Hope for the Hopeless

By Laura L. Wood   The once-hidden problem of human trafficking has taken the limelight in recent years. According to the January/February 2013 issue of Prism magazine, the sex trade exploits approximately one million children annually. An estimated 27 million slaves exist in the world. The Center for Global Impact (CGI) fights this alarming trade. […]