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The Boy Who Wrote Hymns

By Jewell Johnson “The singing in this church is dull and lifeless,” a young English man complained after the worship service one Sunday morning. His father, a deacon, replied, “If you don’t like it, why not give us something better?” Isaac Watts went home and wrote a poem based on a Bible verse. The next […]

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There Rings a Melody

By Kelly Carr Hymns powerfully put into words so many great truths about God and our relationship to him. They remain a timeless way for generations of believers to sing the same words and express the same deep longings. For example, whose heart does not feel convicted when confessing: “Prone to wander, Lord I feel […]

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Memories Brought to Life

By Elizabeth Van Liere No matter if the skies are gray, my Tuesday mornings shine with special blessings. Six to eight elderly ladies and men wait for me. Oh, not me, exactly. They wait for the blessing of hymns, which I play on my CD player. They come down the hall of the nursing home […]