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ICOM: God’s Greater Plans

By Joy Grace Chen When I first felt God nudging me to attend the International Conference on Missions (ICOM) in 2013, I was frankly caught off guard. As a sophomore creative writing major at the University of Evansville, I was enjoying a comfortable life as a college student focused on my studies. My plans for […]

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Four Days that Pack a Spiritual Punch

By Karis Pratt The first words uttered as we searched for the ICOM exhibitors’ unloading dock were a flurry of, “Wait, was that the turn?” “I think this is right.” “Oops, looks like we were supposed to stop over there to check in!” We had to laugh at our ignorance about the logistics. My aunt, […]

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The ICOM Challenge

By Karen Wingate   “Are you a missionary?” The question hung in the air between me and the Honduran owner of a Hispanic import store where I was shopping with my family. I had just told her how I left my hometown years ago and lived all over the country after marrying a minister. Her […]

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Impact of ICOM

By Laura McKillip Wood   Last November, my husband and I packed our kids into the back of our compact car and began our three-hour journey to ICOM. Looking back at their three faces in the seat behind me, I couldn’t help but think about how much fun they’d have in the next few days. […]


Answer to Prayer at ICOM

By Sam Gill—Guest Editorial   I grew up in the city of Lahore, Pakistan, that has more than 10 million people. Among those are more than 100,000 Christian women who do not have any skills or education. Women of all ages work for Muslim people. They have no choice but to clean their toilets, houses, […]