Dating and marriage—by the book

Jacqueline J. Holness    In the span of a year, seven friends revealed to me they were joining the ranks of the divorced. For better or for worse, divorce long ago ceased being a cultural taboo; it is now a cultural norm. As a Christian, I know God hates divorce, and I’ve read statistics showing […]

What would Jesus do?

By Jacqueline J. Holness    What would Jesus do? Youth minister Dan Seaborn likely created the most popular Christian pop culture question ever when he posed the question to motivate his youth group in 1989. In four words it crystallizes the essence of what we should aspire to as Christians. And it can be applied […]

Fitting in

By Jacqueline J. Holness    As far back as I can recall, Christ has been a part of my culture. When I was a child, I didn’t always want to include Christ in my culture; but as a 6-year-old, choosing was not an option.   A Quandary As a first grader at Pathway Christian School in […]