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An Unfinished Symphony

By Jerran Jackson We were flying comfortably at 5,000 feet when the instructor took control. He pulled back on the yoke, raising the nose of the airplane. He also pulled back on the throttle, reducing our speed. A horn began to blare loudly; the airplane began to shake. Then we dropped. We no longer were […]

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Biblical Freedom

By Jerran Jackson & Joel Jackson A prison chaplain once explained: “Inmates would like to have the freedom to make simple choices, like what to eat or what to wear. But the choices they have already made took away these freedoms. Even more than iron bars, the choices that we make determine whether we are […]

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Lasting Fasting

By Jerran Jackson and Lareesa Jackson   My mother decided, at age 83, to fast. She had been a Christian for seven decades. Mom had graduated from Minnesota Bible College, taught Sunday school, and served faithfully in the church all of her adult life. And she still wanted to keep growing. So she did some […]

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Who Should Be an Elder?

By Jerran Jackson   A small congregation near ours was served by two elders. One died. No one else in the congregation was ready and willing to serve as an elder. The one remaining elder did not feel right about continuing to serve, because, he said, “The New Testament always speaks about a group of […]