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Why I Need the Church

By Jewell Johnson During a serious illness, I became keenly aware of my need for my church family. They prayed for me. They sent me cards and e-mails of encouragement, letting me know I was missed. Members of the congregation brought food to our family, relieving me of the task of meal preparation as I […]

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What Can Grandparents Do?

By Jewell Johnson “Mom? Janet and I are getting a divorce.” The voice on the phone paused. “No . . . no!” I shouted at our son. “Something must be done.” My husband and I had sensed for some time that our son and daughter-in-law were having marital problems, yet we were not prepared for […]

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The Boy Who Wrote Hymns

By Jewell Johnson “The singing in this church is dull and lifeless,” a young English man complained after the worship service one Sunday morning. His father, a deacon, replied, “If you don’t like it, why not give us something better?” Isaac Watts went home and wrote a poem based on a Bible verse. The next […]

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The Disease that Stalked Our Family

By Jewell Johnson   “Look, Mom,” Jenny said, holding her jeans out from her waist. “These don’t fit anymore.” I laughed as our daughter folded over the waistband. “Eleven is not your size anymore,” I said. But I didn’t laugh a few days later when Jenny dashed into the kitchen and said, “I ran to […]