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I Am the Woman at the Well

By Joel Jackson When I’m honest I know exactly how it happened. Of course, I never intended to have five husbands. I wanted happiness. I told myself that if I just tried harder, put in more time, it could work. My whole life revolved around searching. And I did enjoy the chase. But my thirst […]


Our One Job in God’s Kingdom

By Joel Jackson “You had one job!” This phrase is a meme associated with some entertaining images on the Internet. In every image, a person has made a mistake because they clearly were not focusing on their job. The photos range from mislabeled produce at the supermarket to misspelled street signs to a coffee mug […]

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The Importance of Balance

By Joel Jackson & Kyle Somerfeldt The contrast is always striking. Even after a long, exhausting day, Janet loves to spend her evenings around people. Whether she is with friends or people she just met, she is energized by interacting with and serving others. Janet is an extrovert. Thomas, on the other hand, is an […]

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Fellowship: A New Perspective

By Joel Jackson Friday evening was different. My usual after-work routine includes changing into a comfortable outfit, doing some household chores, and relaxing. Instead I drove to the house of someone I had never met before. I walked up to the door carrying spinach artichoke dip. Other people, who had also never met before, brought […]

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Biblical Freedom

By Jerran Jackson & Joel Jackson A prison chaplain once explained: “Inmates would like to have the freedom to make simple choices, like what to eat or what to wear. But the choices they have already made took away these freedoms. Even more than iron bars, the choices that we make determine whether we are […]