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A Simple, Childlike Heart

By Karen Ward Robertson My peace is rumpled, Father. I’m afraid, disappointed, tired of struggling. So many things distract me, Father, from having a heart like yours. I want to flourish with fruit: peace, joy, goodness, faithfulness, love. “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not […]

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The Neighborhood Store

By Karen Ward Robertson I stole a box of crayons from the shelf at the neighborhood market. I already had new crayons, but my friend at kindergarten was using a baggie of old, broken crayons borrowed from an older sister. It seemed wrong for a little girl to not have a shiny, new yellow box […]

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Hearts in Prison

By Karen Ward Robertson “Most of what you know about prison life you probably learned from movies,” I explain. “It’s OK if you feel a little bit uncomfortable or afraid right now.”  The college students going with us to the prison this week nod, unsure of what to expect in a minimum- to maximum-security prison.  […]

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Grace in the Backyard

By Karen Ward Robertson “Wook!” Johnathan shouts. “Wain!” “It’s not raining,” I say with a laugh. “Flower petals are blowing from the tree.” Pudgy hands raise toward the sky as he blinks, awestruck, at hundreds of tiny, white petals raining down. Thousands more are piled at his feet. Johnathan begins to laugh as we twirl […]

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More of Him, Less of Me

By Karen Ward Robertson   It all started with a murder when I was 9 years old.  The slope into the pit of darkness was gradual. I didn’t know how deeply into the wilderness I had gone until I stood at the crossroads. My heart broke when I heard the devastating news that began the […]