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Overcoming Worry

By Kathleen A. Trissel   Has anyone ever told you, “You have control issues”? Worry is a form of fear and anxiety, the number one mental health problem in the country, but worry also has as its root the need to feel in control. We all struggle with wanting to feel in control, whether we […]

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Making Unity a Reality

By Kathleen A. Trissel   “Never do anything to embarrass yourself, your team, or your family” is a quote from the movie Forever Strong. Unity in the body of Christ requires much the same. Our job is to make Jesus look good, which can’t happen without the unity of the Holy Spirit.  What is unity? […]

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Why We Suffer

By Kathleen A. Trissel   When we suffer we want to know why, but few answers are satisfying. The meaning we draw from our suffering may answer some of our questions, but that often requires waiting until the suffering has passed. So, why do we suffer?  All suffering points to sin, and sin entered the […]

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Art As Worship

By Kathleen A. Trissel   We get an early glimpse of human creativity in Genesis 2:19 when God brought the birds and animals he had created to Adam “to see what he would name them.” Why didn’t God name them? Perhaps he wanted to give Adam an opportunity to express his creativity in the process. […]