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The Power of Encouragement

By Kayleen Reusser   If you’ve never given much credence to the act of encouragement, consider that if not for it, we may not have one of the books in the Bible. John Mark was a young man whose family home was one of the first meeting places of the early church. Peter made his […]

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Psalm 37: A Psalm of Trust

By Kayleen Reusser    A young Christian friend of mine learned that his cancer treatments had stopped working. Zach, a 31-year-old loving husband and father of two, was told after a three-year battle with colon cancer that he had weeks to live.  It seemed so unfair. After earning his MBA and CPA qualification, Zach was […]

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Taking Christ to the Community

By Kayleen Reusser    In 2011 seven schools in the East Allen County School district of Fort Wayne, Indiana, closed. The 120 members of Colony Heights Church of Christ were concerned for the children who were affected by the closings.  “The main focus of the Colony Heights Church of Christ is to encourage Christian unity,” […]


Reining in Anger

By Kayleen Reusser   He stood in line at the cash register ready to pay. The store clerk in another line called, “I’m sorry, sir. That register is closed. Please come through this line.”  The man’s face turned red, he uttered loud profanities, slammed his avocados on the counter, and stormed out of the store. […]