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Man-Sized Strategies

Guest editorial by Mark Taylor Over the next three weeks, we’re looking at three groups—men, women, and children—and considering the topics that each often face. We kick things off with the gentlemen and some words from our publisher and editor of Christian Standard, Mark Taylor.  While attending a conference, a friend and I visited a […]

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A Permanent Solution

By Mark Taylor, Publisher   “The temporary becomes permanent.” Dale McCann, senior minister at the first church I served full-time, repeated this proverb whenever I was tempted to slap something together till we could do it right later.    Short-Term Fixes Dale was observing a tendency of human nature and long experience working with the […]


Prayers for a Good Transition

By Mark Taylor, Publisher   Standard Publishing’s ministry is to and through the local church. The local church introduces our products to users who need the inspiration, information, or teaching we provide. And many times, the local church’s budget makes our resources available.  So when one of our editors leaves our offices to serve full-time […]