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In The World—September 6, 2015

By Melissa Wuske Old Bible Brings New Hope in China A pair of American missionaries in China is searching far and wide for copies of the Jingwei Version Bible, the first edition in colloquial Chinese created in the late 1800s—an edition hardly anyone has heard of now. Today Chinese Christians rely on the Union Bible. […]

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In The World—August 23, 2015

By Melissa Wuske Museum Paintings Accessible to Visually Impaired Most art museums have placards that chide visitors: “Don’t touch the art.” But an exhibit called “Touching the Prado” at Spain’s Prado museum took a different route. It recreated famous paintings with raised, textured pigments and encouraged people, especially those who are blind and visually impaired, […]

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In The World—August 16, 2015

By Melissa Wuske Religious Groups Barred in Angola The southern African nation of Angola banned a number of religious groups after a deadly military raid on Light of the World community, an apocalyptic group started by former Seventh-Day Adventist Jose Kalupeteka. The government ordered the disbanding of United Pentecostal Church, Hope Evangelical Church in Angola, […]

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In The World—August 9, 2015

By Melissa Wuske Conflict over Campus Student Leaders Colleges and universities around the country have created “all-comers” policies that state student organizations must welcome any student as a member and a leader in the group. These policies have proved especially tricky for religious student groups.  “I don’t feel there is any way you can fulfill […]

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In The World—August 2, 2015

By Melissa Wuske Chef-Prepared Meals for Seniors—at Home “The number of seniors out there who aren’t eating properly is shocking to me,” said Barrett Allman. His son, Nathan, thought of a solution to nourish seniors who are living on their own, and the whole family helped put it into practice. Chefs for Seniors, based in […]